Inauguration of the 2021 Faculty of Economics and Business Student Institution  

On Monday (18/01) the Udayana University Faculty of Economics and Business (LMFEB) Student Institute for the 2021 period was officially inaugurated. This inauguration was the beginning of a breakthrough and also as a milestone in the official confirmation of the duties and mandates that the previous leadership had entrusted to the new leadership. The situation that is still not conducive due to the Covid-19 pandemic brings a different nuance to this year's LMFEB Inauguration, where this year's inauguration is held virtually through the Cisco Webex Meeting application.

With the theme "Make an Active and Creative Leader in the Innovative Era", this year's inauguration officially installed 358 functionaries, including 41 from the Student Representative Council (DPM), 74 from the Student Executive Board (BEM), the Economic Student Association (Hima). Development of 37 people, Management Student Association (Hima) 32 people, Accounting Student Association (Hima) 41 people, Diploma Student Association (Hima) 32 people, and 4 Semi Autonomous Bodies (BSO) which are within the scope of LMFEB. The different technical implementation of the event makes the organizing committee have to spend a little extra effort to prepare it. "There are many challenges that must be overcome, ranging from pending proposals, obstacles in the Musma, to the pandemic, but of course it does not dampen our enthusiasm," said Sakinah Zahrah as Chairman of the LMFEB inauguration committee.

Institutional restructuring was carried out this year to comply with the Unud Rector's Regulation on Ormawa. Based on the decision of the Student Conference with Udayana University Chancellor's Regulation Number 2 of 2020 concerning Student Organizations and Activities, ormawa (student organizations) at the faculty level only consist of DPM (Student Representative Council), BEM (Student Executive Board), Hima (Student Association), and BSO (Semi Autonomous Body). Of course, this decision will provide significant changes to the duties and obligations of each institution.

The restructuring of the institution affected the Student Representative Body, which has now changed its name to the Student Representative Council. As a result of the removal of the Technical Implementation Unit from the ormawa list, the tasks they have been carrying have been transferred to DPM. Of course, the DPM needs to readjust with its members. "Of course, many things have changed and must be prepared in terms of the systematics of activities to membership," said Michael Wijana as Chairman of DPM when interviewed via line. In addition, this change was also felt by LPM Medikom, where thanks to the decision of the Student Conference some time ago it has changed LPM Medikom to BSO LPM Medikom. “I was quite surprised at first. Even though LPM has changed bureaucratically, our function remains the same and moves independently, ”said Ratni as General Chairperson of LPM Medikom.

All parties are very hopeful of LMFEB this period. The previous leadership really hopes that the mandated duties and obligations will be carried out even better. "Hopefully LMFEB in 2021 can carry out tasks and programs in the new structure better than us without feeling overwhelmed," said I Made Jyotisa Adi Dwipatna, as chairman of BPM for the 2020 period in a short video at the inauguration ceremony.

Mr. Agoes Ganesha Rahyuda, S.E., M.T., Ph.D. as Dean of FEB Unud is very grateful to LMFEB in the previous period for working hard to carry out its duties and obligations, even though the pandemic conditions plagued from the beginning of the year until the end of the duty period. In his short remarks, he hoped that the 2021 LMFEB could make a new breakthrough that would bring the Faculty of Economics and Business to not only take part in the national arena but also internationally. "Work with the principle that FEB is above everything, always pay attention to the situation and turbulence, and have character," he said in his speech as well as closing the inauguration ceremony.