Management Concentration Class 2021 or abbreviated as MCC is one of the work programs of the Management Student Association which will be held on Sunday, June 13, 2021 through online media (Cisco Webex Meetings). MCC 2021 will be held with the theme "Determine Your Concentration and Reach Your Future". The purpose of this event is to provide information to management students about the concentrations available in the Management Study Program and to assist management students in choosing concentrations according to their interests and talents.

This activity begins with the opening of MCC 2021 by the Vice Dean for Student Affairs and Information, then continues with the first session, namely Concentration Sharing by alumni from the Management Study Program who are experienced in taking their respective concentrations and are successful in their fields. The alumni who were the speakers in the Concentration Sharing session were: firstly, I Gusti Agung Prabandari Tri Putri, S.E., M.M., alumni of Financial Management; second, Agung Wirahadi Kusuma, alumni of Human Resource Management; the third is Agung Ratih Saraswati, alumni of Marketing Management; and finally, I Gusti Ayu Putu Arika Putri, alumni of Operations Management. The speakers at Concentration Sharing talked about their experiences while taking the concentration until they are now successful in their fields. This certainly provides an overview for participants regarding the job prospects of the four management concentrations. Then the second session is the Concentration Class session which is filled by students from the eighth semester to share the ups and downs in taking each concentration. The eighth semester students who provided material were: firstly, I Putu Adi Sanjaya, S.E., from Operations Management, Ray Airlangga from Financial Management, Putu Meliantha Kusumawati from Human Resources Management, and Anggreana Vera Salsabila, S.E. of Marketing Management. The next session is the Talents Mapping session by the Specialist Team from CV Aget Udayana which can help students identify themselves and find their talents.

The 2021 MCC activity was closed by the Coordinator of the Management Study Program accompanied by the Coordinator of the Development Economics Study Program, the Chair of the Management Student Association for the 2021 period, and the Chair of the 2021 Management Concentration Class Committee. Thus, the Management Concentration Class activity is expected to assist management students in determining concentrations in the Study Program. Management. It is hoped that this activity can run even better in the following years.